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A Love Affair With The Mountains

This appeared in Women’s Web,  November 2014. Pic credit: Image of Switzerland via Shutterstock Switzerland is more than just snow-capped mountains. Here’s an exploration of sustainable tourism and child-friendly travel in the quaint town of Zermatt, coupled with the mighty splendour

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Now in Singapore

This appeared in Metro Plus, Bangalore, The Hindu, March 2014. Photo: Samanvay Singapore When Audrey Cunliffe missed MTR’s signature dosa in Singapore, she decided to get the iconic brand to the land of the merlion. SHILPA PAI MIZAR tastes

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A vegetarian lifestyle

This appeared in The Hindu, July 2003. In China, there are not too many vegetarian restaurants. One reason is that spectacular economic growth has meant that more people, especially in the cities, can afford to buy meat. SHILPA PAI

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Chinese brew

This article appeared in The Hindu August 2004.   Tea, like rice, is a way of life in China, says SHILPA PAI MIZAR. TWENTY-four-year-old David Qiu Lu tells you he “doesn’t care” about most things. Quiz him about China’s

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